Carpet Cleaning Auckland


At Express Carpet Cleaning Auckland, we are renowned for our quality and attention to detail. Our dedicated customer service team and highly trained technicians pride themselves on their high quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Our professional hot-water extraction carpet cleaning service will remove the dirt, pollen, moulds and most stains that get driven deep into carpet over time. It’s those things that make carpets look dull, flat and cause them to wear out. Keep them looking new and make them last longer with a regular clean by a professional carpet cleaner.

Express Carpet Cleaning Auckland will deliver clean, fresh carpet that will make your home or office look and smell fresh. Our expert carpet cleaning team are available in your suburb, and can usually have your carpet cleaned, dried and ready to walk on the same day.

Services We Provide:

Stain Removal

Most stain treatments, like pet stains, food or drink spills and many other common stains are treated for free – just part of our great carpet cleaning service.

Odour Removal

Most odours will disappear with our standard professional cleaning.

Mould, Spore & Pollen Removal

Pollen, mould and spores that cause allergic reactions can be carried indoors on shoes, pets and clothing. Unlike vacuuming, our hot water extraction machines can “unstick” these nasty little bits and carry them away without blowing them into your air.

Mattress cleaning & sanitising

We specialize in both Commercial and Domestic Mattress sanitizing. We use an exclusive 4 stage process to remove all DIRT, DUST and filthy DUST MITES resulting in a fresh, clean and sanitized mattress that is helpful for ASTHMA and ALLERGEN sufferers.

Thorough cleaning for your furniture

Upholstery and Furniture are BIG investments! You want to make sure that they not only last and look great, but they are clean and healthy to use!

Express Carpet Cleaning Auckland operators are experienced and highly trained professionals, who take pride in their work and getting the job done right.

To book a job or to get an obligation free quote from one of our franchisees call us on 0800 EXPRESS. We service all areas throughout Auckland and around New Zealand. To arrange an obligation-free quote for any of these services, please contact Express Carpet Cleaning Auckland